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Have you ever dreamed of being financially independent, knowing you can walk into any casino and place winning bets on a roulette table? 

Lee Tutor wrote "The Roulette Winner" to show you how to do exactly this!


So you've been losing too much money at roulette recently?

It's not that surprising...

IT'S ABOUT TIME someone explained in a clear and easy way the Do's and Don'ts of roulette play.
Because, every day thousands of people go to the casinos and literally throw away their money at the roulette wheels.

I hear so many of them lie to themselves  calling this ... "entertainment", which really saddens me, because one thing I know is that losing  your hard-earned money is
 never entertaining!

Only when you have mastered specific gambling skills do you stand any chance at all of winning money consistently in a real casino.

Now you can learn how to beat roulette from someone who's been winning year in and year out!

'The Roulette Winner' is probably the most comprehensive book that you've ever read on roulette and the only one you'll ever need!

Packed with over 150 pictures and diagrams it shows you the best winning bets at a glance, and explains everything you need to know about the game to start winning in real casinos.
 To target specific sections of the wheel and  place your bets down as fast as possible just use the easy diagrams that show you exactly:

  1. where to place your chips,
  2. how much of the wheel you're covering,
  3. how much you're risking and
  4. what the profit will be on a win.



 The book is 5"x8" and fits in your pocket so you can use it in the casino while you're playing!

Among many other things you'll discover:


  How to place your bets quickly and accurately

  How to manage your money

• How to design and play progressions that win 99% of the time

• How to exploit the predictable ways in which dealers spin the wheel

• How to calculate the odds of winning, or losing, any bet

• How, and when, to target specific areas of the wheel.

• How to survive the casino's psychological warfare.


Most books and systems out there don't give the player sufficient information neither about how to handle the randomness of a roulette game, nor about the fluctuations to one's bankroll.
Worst still, they don't prepare the player at all psychologically for the emotional effects of gambling, winning or even losing.
They just give you the same tired old pie in the sky promises about making thousands overnight ... etc. etc.
And it's not so much the cost of these books that is expensive ... what really burns a big hole in your pockets is the money that you lose afterwards playing their unworkable systems in the casino, or online.
So don't you be fooled too by junk peddlers!
Remember the truth is this simple:

"There has never been, nor will there ever be, any 'magic' mechanical system to beat the wheel.
To win you must take calculated risks. "

If you know the game inside out, have realistic expectations and only place those wagers that have an acceptable profit to risk ratio you will win more than you lose. But all of this takes time and practice.

'The Roulette Winner' makes  this process easier. It shows you all the information in simple pictures and diagrams so that you can decide at a glance:

• How much to bet

• What the risk is

• Where to bet

• How much you can expect to profit

• How to manage your bankroll

• When to STOP playing!

So no more guesswork at the roulette tables! Your strategy will be clearcut.

What you'll discover in these pages is based on my own experiences of successful gambling and not some cooked up theory. For the first time I teach the same strategies I've been using for the last decade in casinos to win consistently.

Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned gambler, if you are serious about winning money in a real casino then 'The Roulette Winner'  is indispensable to you both as a player and an investor.

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but ...

Read this before you buy


 "The Roulette Winner" is the only book you'll ever need to win money in a casino!

M. McCallum